EUCLID’s principal and official web site is, which deals with EUCLID’s mandate in the field of higher education.

This site offer an extensive repository of information and documents, including historical and legal documents, as well as FAQs, of interest to EUCLID applicants, students, stakeholders and researchers.

This web site also discusses EUCLID’s specific actions in relationship to its geographical points of action and presence, one of which holding the rank of Vice-Rectorate of the institution, in accordance with the precedent and practice of the UNU.

EUCLID is among the world’s few and therefore remarkable intergovernmental organizations with degree-granting authority and university status, established in 2008. Its operational headquarters, with diplomatic status, are located in Banjul, The Gambia (West Africa) with historic headquarters in Bangui.

When EUCLID began operating as an intergovernmental organization in 2008, its temporary offices were set in Brussels which was the seat of the Euclid consortium of universities of which the ULIBE (located in Brussels) was the first member. EUCLID also maintained and continues to maintain a liaison office in Washington DC which serves a point of contact to the embassies and permanent missions of the EUCLID Participating States present in New York (United Nations) and Washington DC (US government, IMF/World Bank, OAS).

In 2013, EUCLID signed a global headquarters agreement with the government of the Republic of the Gambia.

Although the EUCLID Secretary-General does not formally use the title of “rector” since it is not used in the Charter or Statutes of the institution, its functions cover the same responsibilities, and the rank of Vice-Rectorate is applicable to Bangui’s historic headquarters. Since 2016, EUCLID’s presence and activities in Bangui are very active and focused on national transition, reconstruction, as well as capacity building.