Visiting EUCLID in Brussels (Belgium):

In a way, EUCLID has its earliest roots in Brussels, which is the home of the ULIBE, a small, private university based in the European capital and serving mostly African students with excellent academic standards. The President of ULIBE hails from Burkina Faso and is the founder of several universities throughout Africa, notably the respected ULBurkina which quickly obtained CAMES accreditation.

ULIBE / ULBurkina were the first members of “PEUE” – the Euclid consortium of universities, after which the University of Bangui, University of N’Djamena and University of Moroni came onboard.

During the course of the EuropeAid LOT3 program (2008-2012), EUCLID maintained its historic executive office at the MC-Square center in Diegem-Brussels, near the international airport. This office was closed on account of the relocation of MC-Square, and EUCLID’s presence was relocated to the ULIBE new offices rue Defacq.

It so happens that Brussels is the main direct connection for EUCLID’s headquarters in Banjul, served by Belgium’s flagship airline with outstanding and reliable service. EUCLID does not maintain staff in Brussels at this time (2013) and EUCLID officials do pass through and stay in Brussels on a regular basis, which allows for meetings to take place there upon request and on an as-needed basis.