Visiting EUCLID in New York (USA):

As the UN records indicate, the EUCLID Charter and Statutes, in the form of an international agreement entitled “Open Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Participating EUCLID Parties regarding their Participation in the Educational Framework defined herein” were adopted in New York in 2008. It is in New York that Zainab Bangura, the Sierra Leone Minister of Foreign Affairs now UN Under Secretary-General, brought the instrument “into force” under international law.

EUCLID continues to offer active support to several Permanent Missions of its Participating States, and has the honor to count as High Stewards the Ambassador and Permanent Representatives of Burundi and the Comoros to the United Nations.

EUCLID even maintained an executive office in New York to coordinate the process of registration of its constitutive agreement with the United Nations Treaty Section, a complex procedure which lasted between 2008 and 2011.

EUCLID’s only Under Secretary-General, Mr. Robin Van Pyenbroeck, is based in New York and well known in the UN community. It is important to state that EUCLID is not a UN-affiliated organization. EUCLID does not claim endorsement or official relationship with the UN. However, EUCLID is grateful that the UN, being like itself the instrument of its Member States, has: (1) registered and published the EUCLID constitutive treaty upon request by the registering States, and (2) issued a letter stating that “both IAU/UNESCO and the UN Secretariat recognize Euclide- Pole Universitaire Euclide and the other four UN institutions … as being accredited (0218/RCA/MP/ONU-12).”

For anyone interested in meeting EUCLID officials in New York, it is to be noted that Mr. Van Puyenbroeck makes himself available to meet with visitors who can provide a two-week notice.

Above: Robin Van Puyenbroeck with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the UN General Assembly.

Please note that as is true for all destinations, it is the entire responsibility of travelers to obtain the proper visas. This information is not to be understood as an invitation to travel and EUCLID does not provide assistance in regards to the obtaining of visas.